Group-GTS and reefer transport: the perfect match

Delicate products deserve extra care and vigilance, throughout the production chain and certainly during transport. Temperature-controlled reefer containers are the standard for transport and storage of these goods today. However, in order to keep the temperature constant, an adequate genset on the chassis is indispensable. Group-GTS has years of experience and state-of-the-art equipment in this field. Our fleet now consists of more than 40 genset chassis. That is how we ensure the quality of your product.

All set for Group-GTS’s Genset!

Excellence at the right temperature

The cold chain is more relevant than ever before. While the global economy is trying to make its way through the crisis, there’s a healthy bustle in food and pharmaceuticals. These goods are usually temperature-sensitive and require adequate care and dedication during handling and transport. Group-GTS has the know-how and experience to excel in this area. An important part of our fleet is specifically tuned to these transports. Equipped with the latest genset equipment and under the care of well-trained specialist drivers: your temperature-sensitive products are in good hands.

Gensets for high-tech

Now that hygiene is becoming even more important in the food and pharmaceutical industry, it is all the more important to transport goods in conditioned circumstances. Technological products also benefit from transport in reefers. It is not uncommon for high-tech items to travel quite a distance, either over sea from Asia or by train through Siberia, to reach Europe. Avoiding condensation is therefore important, because that is the only way that batteries, wiring, cooling elements and chips maintain their quality. Containers that are conditioned on the chassis take goods safely and condensation-free to consumers or the port.

From port to inland and back

The three strategic ports of Antwerp, Rotterdam and Zeebrugge are crucial hubs for international reefer transport. At Group-GTS we organise daily journeys there with our own high-quality genset chassis. And what about our experience with one-way reefer transport, combined with an inland terminal?

Both Antwerp and Rotterdam see an increase in the transhipment of reefer containers. Within the cold chain Antwerp is the main export port and Rotterdam takes pole position when it comes to imports. Import or export: you can count on Group-GTS. We are happy to take your goods to their final destination: in no time and in the best conditions.

Group-GTS also serves the port of Zeebrugge, which is becoming increasingly important in the international landscape. Three ports that are practically in our backyard: we collect your goods from there or take them there with loading and unloading sites all over Europe.

Storing reefers while waiting for transport? Group-GTS will take care of it. Our warehouse in Antwerp, right next to the large container terminals on the left bank, has several power plugs. Plug in and cool your containers at competitive prices!

Dedicated drivers

Truck driver: either you are one, or you aren’t. The Group-GTS drivers are always one step ahead. This has everything to do with our internal training, continuous training and high quality standard. You may be aware that we also have specific guidelines and training for reefer transport. Connecting gensets, monitoring temperatures, schedule control times when on the road, our dedicated drivers are experts in their job. This way we guarantee flawless transport at a constant temperature.