Our focus lies on tailored solutions for the vehicle fleet, company premises, warehouses and automation. Group-GTS still has the ambition to play a pioneering role, and is prepared to make significant and intelligent investments to this end. With the daily monitoring of our quality management systems ISO9001 and AEO, we can assure the appropriate completion of agreed processes while always striving for continuous improvement.

Constant efforts are also devoted to further growth by flexibly responding to opportunities in the market while supplying services of the highest quality. The sustainability and stability of the company also enjoy constant attention.

People and resources

Group-GTS continually invests in training its people. Our business processes are critically examined and adjusted where necessary. Our well-trained, flexible and multilingual personnel ensures paperless communication and lightning-fast data processing. Working at Group-GTS means constant endeavours for administrative simplification. Appointing permanent internal contact persons (Key Accounts) ensures a committed relationship between the customer and Group-GTS. Our people are fully aware of the applicable arrangements and SLAs and make sure that these are rolled out to each department. In cooperation with its suppliers and customers, Group-GTS strives to ensure permanent and sustainable services. Here the focus is always on providing an optimum service.

Automation, EDI & track and trace

Our IT facilities are constantly being evaluated and further automated. This thorough focus on automation supports the activities of the group and there is more. By using EDI the customer can simplify his data management and have it further evolve to become full process integration. We then provide a constant service in line with the customer’s needs in his own familiar IT environment. Our vehicles are fitted by default with a track-and-trace system, this guaranteeing immediate feedback and real-time monitoring of your transport. Our drivers also have a document scanner in their vehicles so you can immediately consult all documents of importance to you. Group-GTS is also working on the use of
E-CMR to offer you an even better service in the future.