Group-GTS has two establishments for the storage and transfer of goods for both internal and external storage. Listening to the wishes and needs of the customer allows Group-GTS to provide each customer with the opportunity to obtain a solution according to individual requirements.

Both establishments are fully fenced off and protected by camera surveillance, badge control and night security. We can count on trained, motivated and specialised personnel to successfully complete each logistical operation.


Kallo establishment

Kallo establishment (Linkeroever)

The storage capacity of the covered warehouses in Kallo (Van Aerde Logistics) amounts to a good 35,000 m². This includes a multifunctional open space covered by a canopy so goods can be handled, supplied and dispatched dry in all weather conditions. The covered warehouses are divided into four zones which are suitable for handling groupage goods, for the storage and handling of metals in any form, and spaces suitable for both general cargo and out of gauge cargo.

The open area of 40,000m² in size is suitable for various applications such as container storage, handing out of gauge cargo, stuffing and stripping and projects. There is also a certified Solas weighing installation on the site where besides weighing an electronic health, safety and environment
certificate can be issued.

Top location in the Port of Antwerp

Van Aerde is also located in a top location in the Port of Antwerp, a stone’s throw from the largest container terminals and in the proximity of the customs scanner on the left bank (close to Deurganckdok). Our warehouses in Kallo are the ideal operating base for transport to East and West Flanders and France. We move larger batches by barge. This enables us to remove containers from or bring them into the quay quickly, while the ecological footprint can again be reduced.

Summary of the possibilities at our warehouses in Kallo

Fork-lift trucks & lifting tools

  • Container lifting trucks 2.5 T – 3.5 T – 5.5 T

  • General fork-lift trucks 7 T – 16 T – 32 T

  • Container stackers 36 T

  • Cargo booms for loading carpets, semi-long and long parts

  • Coil binders

  • Bale binder (not for rolls of paper)

  • Short and long forks

  • Pusher plates

Stuffing and stripping

  • General cargo (crates, pallets, skids)

  • Steel (coils, sheets, bars, blocks, wire rods)

  • Groupage containers

  • Cars

  • Out of gauge cargo (limited to 36 T, loading width of 3.5 metres and loading height of 3 metres)

  • Goods in bulk, incl. palletising, labelling and winding

  • Construction materials

  • Projects

Value added services

  • Lashing en securing

  • CFS zone

  • Labelling, repackaging, stacking over, …

  • Reefer connection

  • Installation of flexitanks

  • In gauge and out of gauge cargo

  • VGM weighbridge

  • Container depot

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Tessenderlo establishment

Tessenderlo establishment

The premises in Tessenderlo have tri-modal access. This site houses a unique warehouse with a height of 16 metres. The warehouse is also equipped with three overhead cranes with a carrying capacity of 30 to 60 tons – read more –

Inland terminals and barging

The warehouse also has a private rail connection and is located on an inlet dock on the Albert Canal. In this way Group-GTS disposes of combined transport by rail and inland waterway (tri-modal transport). The proximity of two inland terminals is also an absolute plus.

Top location

The establishment in Tessenderlo lies directly on the Blue Banana, Western Europe’s commercial axis. We are also the ideal party for access to the E313, the Kempen, Limburg and the hinterland. This is the same for our top region’s Liège, Luxembourg, Ruhr/Germany.

More possibilities of our warehouse in Tessenderlo

Storage and transfer

  • Internal and external storage

  • steel unloading and loading

  • project cargo unloading and loading

  • construction materials unloading and loading

  • bulk goods unloading and loading

  • Floor load bearing capacity 20,000kg/m2

Value Added Service

  • Stock management and order picking

  • Palletising, labelling and repackaging

  • Technical interventions/inspections

  • Incoming/outgoing quality checks

  • Pallet management and repairs

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